Our Lag Pole Is Different
Before you buy a standard run of the mill lag pole, check out our lag pole line.  Our lag pole can put in eye lags and so much more.  These are top quality telescopic poles for the professional contractor, designed for years of service.  We also handle a complete line of replacement plugs and parts to keep  you on the job.  Click to see our Lag Pole line up.

Interchangeable Plugs
Everyone has a lag pole that can screw in eye lags into steel and wood decks.  But our tool is so much more versatile.  Using interchangeable plug in ends, our lag pole will allow you to handle any ceiling mount application with ease from the floor.  Check out the applications.

Use With The Ramset Viper Tool
One of the most common powder actuated tools for fastening to concrete decks is the Ramset Viper tool.  Well, with our lag pole, simply switch to the included Viper plug and you now have a telescopic pole tool for your Viper.  Our lag pole works with both the new and old style viper.

Mount Threaded Rod From The Floor!
Hanging wire from the floor is one thing, how about threaded rod?  The included Sammy Screw plug allows you to attach threaded rod to the ceiling, with the rod attached.  Check out the video link here.

Other Plug Ins
We also include a plug in that will mount to a vertical flange install tool.  A vertical flange tool is great for reaching higher bar joists from the floor.  Click here to see the install tool and clips.  In addition, our lag pole includes a 1/4" hex driver plug.  Optional plug ins include a plug for pre wrap eye lags and one for mounting lags with jack chain.

The Lag Pole Is Just The Beginning
We offer a complete line up of specialty tools and fasteners that you simply can't find anywhere else.  Match that up with our unmatched customer service and you can't go wrong. 

Lag Pole